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Housing Rights Violations in a Land of Plenty:
The Kobe Earthquake and Beyond

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

1. Introduction

2. Objectives of the Fact-Finding Mission

3. The Kobe Earthquake in Brief

4. Natural Disasters and Housing Rights

5. Housing Conditions in Kobe Before the Earthquake

6. Current Housing and Living Conditions

No Place to go - Problems with Security of Tenure - Conditions in Officially Unrecognized Sites - Conditions in Waiting and Evacuation Centres - Conditions and Location of Temporary Housing - Specific Inadequacies - Conditions for Women in Housing - Women, Violence and Housing

7. Human Rights and the Kobe Earthquake : Main Findings

 Prima Facie Violations of Housing Rights

 1 Lack of Citizen Participation in the Housing Process
 2 Security of Tenure
 3 The Right to Life
 4 House Demolitions
 5 Habitability, Living Conditions and the Absence of Adequacy
 6 Quality of Construction
 7 Durability of Housing
 8 Location of Housing
 9 Women, Housing and Violence
 10 Discrimination and Disparate impacts
 11 Privacy
 12 Welfare Issues

 Technical Findings

8. Recommendations

 1 Kobe City Government
 2 Hyogo Prefectural Government
 3 Government of Japan
 4 Professional Associations
 5 Non-Governmental Organizations
 6 Community-Based Organizations
 7 Civil Society

9. Annexes

 Annex 1: Members of the FFM
 Annex 2: Housing Rights and International Law
  Housing Rights Violation
 Annex 3: The Covenant Within Japanese Jurisprudence
 Annex 4: Relevant Provisions of the Constitution of Japan
 Annex 5: Documents Reviewed
 Annex 6: International Legal Sources of Housing Rights

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